Looking for Amazing

Creative Agency?

You are in the right place! Welcome to Dukreat, the most incredible creative agency in Indonesia. We are here to help you to completing your creative needs.

Audio & Music

Dukreat Records ready to produce audio & music for you.

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Graphic Design

We can communicate your business creatively to your customer.

Website Development

We have a crazy web developer to make your business online! You must be interested.

Photo & Videography

Capture your best moment with us.

Easily Keep Track
Of Meetings & Tasks

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to keep track of all your appointments and meetings? We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With Salient

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. With Salient app notifications, your days of running late will be a thing of the past.

Your Productivity
Boosted With Salient

Salient app will change the way we stay connected and interact. Meet Kara, a young aspiring writer who’s been using Salient to improve her skills every day.

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